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Ibora beach bag solutions to a beach problemLike many new innovations, our product has also started out with a problem. Most people can probably relate with going to the beach without a beach towel or a blanket or even a small towel that fills your bag but its way too small to enjoy the sun. One day I had enough of this, and I decided to do something about it. At first I started looking for an existing product but couldn't found anything that would solve my problem. I made a list of essential items I always bring to the beach. The list was short but clearly pointed me to the right direction. A drawstring bag, a beach blanket, sunscreen, water, and some other accessories i might throw into the bag if there is enough space. 

Our solution to many beach problems with Ibora

I didn't want to compromise on the carrying capacity of the bag so i came up with the solution that allowed me to have the same packing space as an empty drawstring bag would have, while still having my blanket with me all the time. This is how the Ibora Beach Bag was born. It became the best solution to an annoying problem most of us have to deal with.

After designing, testing, redesigning and adding many more useful features to the bag, we launched the idea on Kickstarter, and successfully raised over €70,000 in just 30 days.

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers this idea became a reality. 

Ibora the beach bag reimagined relax in comfort anywhere anytime

Our philosophy 

We like to think of design as something that should always be around us, and creating products should be inspired by our surroundings. We believe that buying our products should be fun, and taking it home should add to people's life. Our goal is to create products that solve a real problems, not just invent them. 

We like to make products that are designed for a specific purpose yet are multi functional, and makes life easier. With the ibora beach bag you can travel more spontaneously by using it as your daypack on your holiday. 

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