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We welcome anyone to apply with a story to tell, a camera & an interest in our product. We want to encourage our fans to travel more and experience life in a more spontaneous way with the Ibora beach bag. At Summer Gear our mission is to preserve beaches, the ocean and marine life. With the Summer Gear Ambassador Program, we provide you a platform to showcase your content, help spread our mission and allow you to share your passion with other individuals to make the best of your travels.

Instagram @mysummergear Ibora the beach bag reimagined

Perks of the Program

- Discounts & Free products

- Potential earnings through our affiliate program

- Features & Shutouts

- Product testing

- Support beach conservation

- Be a part of our growth


Instagram @mysummergear Ibora the beach bag reimagined

Discounts & Free Gear

All of our Ambassadors will receive a special discount code and will be eligible for discounts on all of our Summer Gear products and Ambassador-exclusive giveaways. Also If you are selected you will receive our products to make sure we've got your back while your on the road!

Earnings through our affiliate program

If you are selected you will have the chance to sign-up to our affiliate program and earn a percentage on every sale you generate. 

Features & Shutouts

Have your photos & stories featured on our blog, website & social media channels, whether it's Summer Gear related or not. We want to inspire the spontaneity in travel in others.

@mysummergear ibora beach bag instagram account

Product testing

Our ambassadors will be the first to see an get their hands on any unreleased or upcoming products, as well as be our go-to people for feedback and wear testing.

@mysummergear ibora the beach bag reimagined instagram account

Support beach conservation

By becoming our ambassador you will help us in our mission to preserve our beaches and save marine life. Through your contribution we are able to increasing our donations to the non profit organizations that support our mission. 

Be Part of Our Growth

Be a part of the growth of an up-and-coming startup. We frequently ask our ambassadors for their input and feedback to improve our products. Your opinion is greatly valued and it contributes to the growth of our company.


If you want to join our movement, simply fill out the form below with your details and why you want to be part of the Summer Gear Team. 

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-Instagram profile

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-Type of account you have (travel, fashion, fitness, etc.)


-why do you want to work with us?

We look forward to hearing from you :)