Does every bag comes with a blanket?

Every bag comes with your choice of blanket or towel. So you can choose any bag and blanket combination. If you like multiple blankets or towels you can just add an extra blanket or towel to your cart.

How do you unfold the blanket?

Unfolding the blanket is very simple. Just fully unzip the zipper on the side, open up and grab the corners to unfold it. To fold it back you can fold it in half, then thirds and fold in the sides then zip the bag and you are ready to go.

How will i secure my belongings while i unfold the blanket?

Because of our design the blanket is located in a separate compartment form the rest of your belongings, so everything in your bag will stay inside. We also added snap buttons to further secure the closure of the bag.

What is the size of the blanket?

Our blankets are 175x110cm (69"x44") and our towels are 180x100cm.(72"x40") Because of out design the bag that extends the laying area by 40cm you will have a full laying area of about 205cm (81")

How do you keep the blankets steady?

There are pockets on the bottom of the blankets and towels, you just have to fill them with a handful of sand in all corners and it will keep it steady even in stronger winds. 

Do you have space for your belongings?

We designed the bag in a way that the built in blanket doesn't compromise the packing space. All your belongings are in a separate compartment from the blanket so you have the same space as you would if the blanket wasn't there. 

Which charities do you support.

For more information on our donations go to our mission page

What are the blanket color options?

You can check the blanket color options here.

You can check the towel color options here.

Can i use my own blanket with the bag?

The bags were designed for our blankets only as it is attached to the bag with a Velcro, that is why we include a blanket, or towel with every bag. Your own blanket could probably fit but would not be attached to the bag. 

Are the bags heavy?

Our bags weight about 850g (30oz)with the blanket inside. (30oz)

the blankets weight 350g (12oz)

the towels weight 380g (13oz)

Where does Summer gear ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world, your shipping fee is calculated automatically at checkout. 

How should I wash my bags?

For the first few times, please hand wash the bags individually in cold water with detergent. The Blanket and Towel inserts can be washed separately from the bag in the washer in cold water. Do not iron the bags or the blankets. 

Why does my coupon code not working during a sale?

Some coupon codes are turned off during Sales, they will be reactivated after the Sale ends. 

How long does international shipping take?

International shipping can takes up to 10 business days to arrive.

2-3 days UK

3-5 days EU

5-10 days Rest of the World

these are just estimates, shipping times can differ.

What if i am charged for custom fees?

We are not responsible for any other shipping charges and will not refund for them. Customers are responsible for paying International Customs Charge if they apply. 

How do I track my order?

We will send you an email confirmation when your order has been shipped. Orders are not traceable check the shipping times to your location.

2-3 days UK

3-5 days EU

5-10 days Rest of the World

If you haven't received your order email us at:


How do i return something?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase but if there is some damage to the product due to shipping email us at info@summer-gear.com with your issues within the first 30 days and provide us with pictures if there is something wrong with your product.
Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable.
* If the customer has received an incorrect order or faulty product shipping charges will be refunded (standard shipping only).

Please include your order number and take note of the return tracking number. 

for more info check out our return policy.

What if i have shipping address problems?

We only follow the shipping information based on what our customers have inscribed on the checkout page upon placing your order. We are not liable for lost, held, damaged packages, misdelivery errors, because of incorrect shipping address.

Hence, order confirmations are immediately sent to our customer's email addresses to confirm the purchase that will also give them time to review its full details.

If you notice you have made a mistake contact us at hello@summer-gear.com within 1 hour of placing the order and we can change your address.

What currency will i be charged?

All prices are reflected in EUR. For other currencies, the amount charged on your card will automatically be converted based on the conversion rate on the day when you placed your order.