Ibora |The Beach Bag Reimagined

Ibora beach bag features

At Summer Gear we created the perfect beach bag. We aim to build products that can be used for many occasion with a focus on your holiday. With The IBORA Beach Bag we set out to create a beach bag that works as a daypack in your day to day life but you will make sure to grab it when you go to the beach. No other bag has a built in blanket, in a fully functional backpack, along with many other useful features that makes you life a breeze at the beach.
The Ibora Beach Bag doesn't just carry your stuff it gives you the option to be more spontaneous and explore new places without planning ahead. 


Built in Blanket/Towel

The built in beach blanket is there for you when you need it and folds away when you just want a regular backpack. You no longer have to compromise packing space if you want to bring a blanket or towel to the beach. Our Blanket is an african wax print fabric super durable, extra comfortable and send resistant even when its wet. 

Sand pocket corners

A beach blanket is good to have with you, but have you ever tried to keep it steady on a windy day? You no longer have to stack you shoes and bags on the corners of the bag, just fill the corner pockets with a handful of sand to keep the blanket steady in the wind. 

Waterproof pocket

When you are done at the beach just put your wet swimwear in the waterproof pocket to keep all your other items dry. 


Sternum strap

Drawstring bags are small and convenient to use as a daypack or beach bag but have your ever tried to run, jump or even just walk fast with them. It is nearly impossible without grabbing onto the string. The sternum straps keep the drawstrings centered and allow you to move fast. 

easy pull open handles

You no longer have to dig into the small hole on top of your bag to open it. Just unsnap the handles and pull them apart to easily open the bag. 


Hanging pocket

The hardest thing in a drawstring bag is to find your small items like keys and wallets when you need them especially when the bag is full. WIth the hanging pocket you can simply pull out the small pocket from the bag and get access to your small items without removing anything form your bag. 

Key hook

We included a key hook so it makes even easier to find your keys and make it more secure for when you need them. 

padded back

We thought about the most amount of confort when designing the Ibora bag. Because of the folded built in blaket,the back compartment provides a padding to the back unlike in any other drawstring backpack. No matter what you carry, it will be much more comfortable than ever before. 

quick closing snap buttons

Because the bag is open when the blanket is unfolded we have included snap buttons to secure your belongings inside. Just snap it close and you no longer have to worry about anything falling out of your bag

main compartment used as pillow

For extra comfort on the beach just place your clothes on top of your belongings in the bag and use the main compartment as a pillow when enjoying the sun. 

balanced drawstring

Our infinity drawstring design makes sure your drastrings are always balanced even after multiple opening and closing

large easy access pocket

We have also included a large front zipper pocket to keep items you frequently use or want to access with ease.